Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Hidden Beauty of Sipalay

We were in search of the perfect place where we could take a breather when my sister and I arrived from Dubai for our vacation. It had to be somewhere quiet and away from the busyness of the city. It also had to have white sands and clear crystal waters. Most of all, it had to be somewhere not that far as we only had literally two days to spare since my sister only had fourteen days to spend here in the Philippines and we had to be back in Bacolod in time for our little sister's graduation. 

Ride to Sipalay
So after tedious research on possible places, and vigorous calls and text messaging to possible resorts to stay at, we ended up with the best option...Sipalay. Reaching there would only take us less than four hours, we could take our own car since it's in the same province, and we could also have a little look at the other scenery around the other cities and towns on the way there. And so the fun begins...

Scenery on the way to Sipalay

Although this would be me and Louie's second time go on a road-trip to Sipalay, getting there via our own car would still be an adventure. Good thing he's a good driver and a great GPS. 

However, one can also take a bus, Ceres or other buses, going to Sipalay and a "tricycle" going inside the beach resorts, which would take a longer time though.

Robinson Cruse Beach Resort

We booked one Bungalow from Robinson Cruse Beach Resort (, since they offer affordable Bungalows for families and occupants of big numbers. Also since this would be our second time to stay in this resort, we already knew their rates, the kind of service they can give, and most especially how to get there from the city proper. This resort is located in Punta Ballo, wherein the sands are sugary and the snorkeling/diving experience is promising.

A little late after lunch, we arrived at the resort a bit tired but with hearts anticipating with excitement.

My little sisters decided to soak in the pristine beach while some of us stayed to take the bags out of the car, tidy things up, and go for some last minute swim before the sun sets.

Sunset came and we were all prepared and pumped up for some Barbeque and laze-by-the-beach time. My dad, as usual, came prepared with marinated meat, skewers, a few bottles of beer and some good music. The cool wind with the soft waves made the whole experience a stupendous one.

After supper, we decided to play some cards and retired to bed early so we could have the whole early morning the next day basking in the sun.

Seven in the morning, the sun was bright and stunning, the beach was sparkling, we were up and ready to take this wonderful place over.

First ones on the itinerary were swimming, a little snorkeling, and getting some tan. So there we were, frolicking on the sand and playing with the clear waters. We even went hunting for jellyfish and other living creatures we were able to find.

My Family Going Around the Island on a Boat

Next one on the list was to go around the island and discover the hidden treasures of the place. We were able to rent a small boat and discover what else Sipalay had to offer. 

Sipalay is like the little sister of Boracay, in my own opinion, in the sense that it also has both white-sand beaches and a lot of greenery around the island/s. Although Sipalay doesn't offer the nightlife that Boracay can, coming there in groups can still be as much fun.

After the fun-filled day, we packed up and headed home. Although the two days that we allotted to go around the place was really not enough, we were able to go home with smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts. Sipalay is definitely a place where I would go back to for the third, fourth, fifth, and so on time. A place I would recommend for those thirsting for some R and R.